When someone describes a landscape to a listener who has never been there, and describes it truthfully, honestly and in great detail, the listener can share in their experience of this landscape. They can visualize it. They share through their imagination, picturing to themselves the landscapes the speaker is describing in the fullest clarity possible. Indeed the better the picture is painted, the more clearly the listener will be able to see the picture of the landscape. One day the listener too may travel to that landscape and provided it has not changed drastically, will be able to see with their own two eyes what was once described to them and only pictured.

The same holds true for the spiritual worlds. For those who have not seen with their own eyes, their own inner vision, they can only experience the details of the landscapes and realms of someone who has been there, the words of the speaker describing these realms, is mirror in imagination, the visualization capacity of the listener. They can experience it by listening to the one describing it, but one day too, if they walk the path and road of spiritual development and initiation, they too may be able to see precisely what was once described to them and verify whether the speaker was honest, clear and detailed in their descriptions!…….

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